Sugaring Hair Removal

Have You Been Sugared Yet?
A safe, gentle and more effective way to remove unwanted hair for women, men and children, with the added benefit of removing dead skin cells and conditioning the skin. Advanced Body Sugaring offers numerous unique and diverse benefits:

Pure and natural ingredients, so natural you can eat it!
It is not hot, which means no chance of burning and no pain to the skin after treatment
Less painful No need to grow your hair, extraction at 1/8 or less
Exfoliates the skin leaving it in better condition
Can be used on any area of the body
Easy cleanup no residue or sticky skin
It is sanitary, no risk of cross contamination

Hair is removed in the early anagen stage at 1/8 inch or less in the natural direction of growth. This can be done a few days after shaving! Which means, less pain, less breakage, eliminates ingrowns, less irritation and exfoliation of the skin.

The hair will stay away longer and your skin will be in better condition after the extraction! The result: Smooth, beautiful skin, without the discomforts of other hair removal techniques. Our products are completely natural skin conscious products with no ureas, parabens or petro ingredients.


    Wax Sugaring Threading
Eyebrow   $20 $20 $15
Lip or chin   $15 $15 $10
Lip & eyebrow   $30 $30 $22
Under arm   $25 $25 n/a
Half arm   $30 $30 n/a
Lower leg   $45 $45 n/a
Upper leg   $40 $40 n/a
Full leg   $60 $75 n/a
Bikini   $30 $40 n/a
Brazilian   $50 $60 n/a
Chest/Back   $45 $60 n/a